Skinny Laser

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They came, they saw, they took over. In humanity’s new reality, Aramintha lives in a room with a window, under the 12 watchful eyes of two advanced beings she calls Gray and Blue. She cannot communicate with them, but it doesn’t take Gray long to show its true colors.

Episode Notes

Episode 1: Skinny Laser
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Meet Aramintha, a free spirit in captivity, thanks to the alien invasion. She's being held in a large room inside what used to be a bank. She’s isolated from other humans and disoriented….still halfway in her old reality. In her previous life, she ditched her successful career as a financial analyst to open an internet cafe. Now she's lost everything, including her partner Sage, the love of her life. Worse, she cannot understand her alien keepers. At all. Aramintha fears her extraterrestrial captors as much as she despises them, but at the end of the day, resistance is everything. 

Comika Hartford as ARAMINTHA

Created, written, directed + produced by Celia C. Peters
Sound edit, sound mix + sound design by Celia C. Peters
Sound editing, character audio by George Bafaloukos

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‘Wow, What Is That?’ Navy Pilots Report Unexplained Flying Objects (NY Times, 5.26.19)

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